The painting on this page is entitled “Reach”. Both it and our logo capture the essence of what reach offers. We want to accompany you in reaching for something better.
Is life not working out as you had expected or hoped? Are dissatisfaction or stress, family issues or maybe workplace matters concerning you. Are your relationships not what you hoped they’d be?
Perhaps you are a counsellor yourself, needing support and clinical supervision?
Do you lead a team and recognise that training and support would benefit your operation and performance?
Many of us want to reach out for something different, to find the right way forward, but often don’t know what we’re reaching for or how to do that. reach is all about finding both the “what” and the “how” with you, finding your potential to improve from where you are right now.

reach provides:

  • counselling for adults, adolescents and couples if you need to work through current and past problems.

  • coaching if you want to find a way forward that is the very best for you.

  • supervision if you are a counsellor or simply need an experienced support in your working life.

  • training if you are looking to grow team performance in a corporate, charitable, agency or church environment.