For some fortunate children there can appear to be endless possibilities ahead for creating a unique life full of promise and excitement. Their parents are able to instil a valuing of them which allows them to be themselves and to flourish.
For others their upbringing is such that any thought of growth, creativity, or of finding a unique place in life is squashed through no fault of their own. Conditional upbringings can extinguish aspirations and lead to a lifetime of mediocrity.
It is sometimes easy in childhood and early adulthood to fall into the trap of thinking “this is my life and there isn’t much I can do to change it. The cards have been dealt”. Some of our “A” level students may be thinking that even today after their results yesterday.
We can be squashed, but there is never a bad time to awaken to the potential of breaking out of the trap of just resigning to mediocrity to see what an exciting life can lie ahead. It needs work and it needs a determined commitment but there is reward to be had.
If this isn’t a thought for yourself, then how do you encourage someone else close to you to do just that?