Supervision and Training
What supervision or training are you looking for:
Counselling Supervision – are you looking for an experienced and qualified clinical supervisor? reach can provide you with just that. Our counselling world requires us to be supervised and reach knows what is needed to meet those requirements in every way.
Corporates, agencies and churches – what does your team or workforce need? A reach workshop can give you an edge, inspire your team, build teamwork. Are you aware of stresses that need addressing or is absenteeism meaning lost traction? Do you all work in the best way together?
reach can offer bespoke training for individuals or teams, depending on your needs. You can continue on the same track or you can do something different to impact on your effectiveness. Talk with reach to find your way.

 – need non-managerial supervisory support for your day to day work – some external business acumen? Need another perspective on your workload? Maybe you need support that you cannot find anywhere else. Give reach a call and see how we can help.