"It is with great pleasure that I contribute, by way of testimonial, to Ken's website, 'Reach for the Way'. 
I have known Ken since the early 1990's when I worked with him in a dynamic, fast moving environment, where much was required from the individuals involved.   
Ken is a totally genuine person with a innate capacity to help others on their way.   He is a 'window' through which his solid christian values shine and those fortunate enough to spend time in his company are enriched as a result.  An empathetic listener who can offer support when required and work with individuals to restore or improve their self-worth.  
Whoever engages Ken can be assured of a thorough job being completed with the utmost professionalism. 
I am absolutely delighted to say that Ken is now a regular presenter during our offshore training programmes for people relocating abroad."
Sonia Middleditch, Founder & CEO, WorldNet Consultants www.worldnet-uk.com.