In our busy, demanding world it can be hard to care well for ourselves. “Success” suggests that we shouldn’t even have difficulties, but most of us know that life is really not like that. Counselling (often known as psychotherapy) offers the opportunity to recognise that life is really not that easy and here is a place to do something about that. You don’t have to be facing a complex mental health issue – it may just be that life is rubbish, work is stressful or relationships are not working out.
At reach the aim is to help you understand your unique circumstances and to work through what is really troubling you. Wouldn’t it be great to find the resources from within yourself to deal with those problems? Well, that’s exactly what we seek for you. Developing insights about yourself will encourage you to realise your own value and worth so you can move forward with renewed confidence and hope.
Adolescents face particular stresses these days from school and college expectations, peer pressures, broken families and step-families. Constant access to the internet presents unique complexities today, particularly through social media. With parental approval, reach seeks to offer young people a confidential ear where you can safely share angst, fear and the misunderstood demands that you face in our modern world.
Couples today have to cope with demands which are historically unique. Relationships are stretched by family pressures; stepfamily circumstances; global concerns; constant internet and information overload; financial pressures with value and worth often being linked to jobs and income; parents living longer and needing care. Strains in partnerships can take their toll and reach gives the opportunity to safely communicate those strains in order to find a way through this partnership jungle.
Located in a semi-rural location, reach provides a safe and secure space in which as an adolescent, adult or couple, you can explore the issues you currently face. You can expect a confidential, professional working relationship which values you without judgement, pre-condition or expectation, whatever your gender, race, sexual orientation or faith.
Does the future really look the way you want it to? Perhaps you haven’t fulfilled your potential or you are stuck in something which is really not satisfying you. Would you rather thrive than just survive? What is your life purpose? Perhaps you need support in a big change or need to get your work-life balance straight. Maybe you’re at a crossroads and need support to take you into the next phase of life.
Coaching will help you to answer your questions; to focus on what is really important to you; to find a more balanced and healthier lifestyle; to overcome roadblocks along your way; to reach out towards a better future. Life Coaching looks at your life as it is now, how you are “wired”, what your aspirations are, what changes you are willing to make and sets out to make a difference that could alter your life for the better.
There is no time like the present to change your future.
Counsellors – are you looking for an experienced and qualified clinical supervisor? reach can provide you with just that. Our counselling world requires us to be supervised and reach knows what is needed to meet those requirements in every way.
Corporates, agencies and churches – what does your team or workforce need? Would a reach workshop give you an edge, inspire your team, build teamwork? Are you aware of stresses that need addressing or is absenteeism losing your traction? Do you all work in the best way together? reach can offer bespoke training for individuals or teams, depending on your needs.
You can continue on the same track or do something different to impact on your effectiveness. Talk with reach to find your way.
Others – need non-managerial supervisory support for your day to day work? Need another perspective on your workload? Maybe you need support that you cannot find anywhere else. Give reach a call and see how we can help.